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Privacy Policy

We at The Market St. Café make it a point that we treat all of our readers’ personal information with the highest respect. We encourage each individual to subscribe to our newsletter and join our promos. As we roll these out, we ask for our loyal readers’ or any of our new visitors to share their information in return. Therefore, we are obligated to hold this information as securely and as privately as possible – as every individual should – in honor of one’s right to privacy.  We do not share any of the information given to third-party individuals without the user’s consent.

We collect your data for us to quantify the qualitative measures that we have to take. Your data is essential for our website’s improvement and growth.

Any personal data collected by us can be accessed and changed by our users, should the need arise. In the event of any data breach, you have the right to contest the data collected and that it has been used maliciously.

We have a team of honest and experienced IT professionals that focus on strengthening our website’s security. Any threat to the security of our hosts and storage systems, rest assured that all steps necessary have been taken. Malicious activities such as malware attacks or hacking can render any website dangerous, and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

Any terms and conditions stated upon this release may still be subject to changes. Our team will inform you of any alterations and modifications done on our policies.